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Disk Drill Media Recovery

IMPORTANT: critical update for Mac OS X 10.8+ and 10.9+ users!

If you are a Disk Drill PRO/Expert/Enterprise user, you don’t need this article at all. If you are evaluating Disk Drill Basic, downloaded from our website, not from the App Store, we officially recommend buying Disk Drill PRO or other paid edition of Disk Drill directly from CleverFiles.


This article explains the differences between Disk Drill PRO and Disk Drill Media Recovery (special edition of Disk Drill Mac data recovery app available for App Store users). Get yourself well-acquainted with the following info and have a detailed look at the app’s description on the App Store. A lot of questions might be resolved by just reading.

If you still have any concerns or technical issues with either Disk Drill PRO or Disk Drill Media Recovery, please, contact us immediately, we’ll gladly help you out with any issue you might be having. Don’t just post a 1-star review, or negative comment, we are always here and ready to help!

What is Disk Drill Media Recovery?

If you are reading this article you either already purchased or are deciding on buying Disk Drill Media Recovery on the Mac App Store. First of all, thank you for choosing Disk Drill, it’s one of the best and most user-friendly data recovery apps for Mac OS X!

Disk Drill Media Recovery is a special edition of Disk Drill developed and supported by our team to comply with Apple’s restricted guidelines for Mac App Store. We realize that Apple’s App Stores are extremely convenient for Mac users, and a great way to discover safe and popular apps for our beloved Macs, that’s why we released Disk Drill Media Recovery, so that you can enjoy both: great professional software and all the benefits MAS has to offer.

It’s no secret, Apple doesn’t allow drivers, background processes, private frameworks, apps that ask for root password and a bunch of other technical stuff on the App Store. That’s why we couldn’t upload Disk Drill PRO “as it is” to MAS, and unfortunately Disk Drill Media Recovery’s user experience is not exactly the same fluent as in the PRO version. Still, we did our best to provide you with data recovery software of the highest quality and make it available in your favorite shopping place. Read on to find out how you can easily extend Disk Drill Media Recovery to keep it up to par.

Disk Drill Media Recovery before and after Mac OS X 10.8

Is Disk Drill Media Recovery compatible with Mac OS X 10.8? – Yes!

Long story short, Disk Drill Media Recovery wasn’t always the same as you see it on the App Store these days. Before the release of Mac OS X 10.8 Apple allowed Mac developers to access external disks directly from their MAS apps, so while Disk Drill PRO could and can recover (and protect) data on any mountable disk, its companion Media Recovery edition could only access external drives. That imposed logical inconvenience to those users that got Disk Drill on the App Store, but there was not much we could do, and that’s the exact reason why we were pricing Disk Drill Media Recovery differently. The detailed explanation of this peculiarity was also clearly explained in the app’s description (although not all users bothered reading).

When Mac OS X 10.8 was previewed, the whole developer community was irritated once again: Apple changed SDK without any announcement, or even proper documentation. Third-party apps sold on the App Store can no longer access ANY disks without asking for root password. PERIOD. Nada… no way! All our attempts to get official explanation or at least some help on this matter from Apple’s team were useless.

That said, Disk Drill Media Recovery did not work properly on Mountain Lion. At least until the release of Disk Drill Media Recovery 1.8.1! This updated version implements a clean and simple workaround for all App Store users, and… (surprise) thanks to the following actions you can now quickly convert Disk Drill Media Recovery into ‘almost’ Disk Drill PRO with full access to all disks, including your internal ones.

So, no more worries for App Store citizens! Disk Drill update hits Mac App Store again! This time with all the features you waited for.

Disk Drill Media Recovery – additional downloads

OK, so you downloaded Disk Drill Media Recovery from the App Store and now the app doesn’t see any of your disks. These actions are mandatory for all OS X 10.8 users and optional for those who are still on 10.6 and 10.7. Here’s what you need to do:

Option #1:

  1. Download “Standalone Disk Access Module” (digitally signed and approved by Apple) in PKG format. Or zipped. This package is provided by CleverFiles for Disk Drill Media Recovery only
  2. Double-click downloaded dd-disk-access.pkg file to install it
  3. Choose (and click to confirm) “Install for all users of this computer” when asked
  4. Enter your admin password when asked
  5. Complete installation of the additional module
  6. Restart Disk Drill Media Recovery. Done. Disk Drill Media Recovery now shows and easily recovers data from all your disks.
Option #2:
  1. Download Disk Drill Basic from the official website
  2. Install it
  3. Restart Disk Drill Media Recovery. Done. The needed modules from Disk Drill Basic will be used by Media Recovery Edition
If you proceed with Option #2, you will end with two instances of Disk Drill installed in your system. If you haven’t updated to Mac OS X 10.8 yet, you can still follow one of these scenarios to let your copy of Disk Drill Media Recovery access internal disks. As a result of these simple actions you get Disk Drill Media Recovery very close by features to Disk Drill PRO, you will only lack Recovery Vault, and will use a slightly different interface.


Why Disk Drill Media Recovery is not publicly announced on

Many users keep asking us why Disk Drill Media Recovery is not listed on our website. The answer is simple: we don’t feel that Apple App Store’s limitations are good for apps like Disk Drill. Disk Drill Media Recovery is available on the MAS for those users who don’t want or don’t find it secure (wrongly) to buy Disk Drill directly from CleverFiles. Whatever we do, Disk Drill Media Recovery stays a limited edition of Disk Drill.
Also, we officially assert that we won’t keep Disk Drill Media Recovery updated with the same frequency as Disk Drill PRO or Basic available at our website. Many new features we are currently adding to Disk Drill will NOT be available for App Store users. So, if you are interested in getting a discounted upgrade to Disk Drill PRO (or Expert, or Enterprise edition), send your Disk Drill Media Recovery purchase confirmation to us, and we’ll provide the instructions.